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  Barley malt is the natural raw material for beer production. During malt and beer processing the storage proteins (prolamins) of barley are hydrolysed by the natural proteolytic enzymes of grains. Normal beer contains variable amounts of prolamins (gluten) and the hydrolysed peptides. The prolamin content and the susceptibility to coeliac disease is depending on the beer type, raw materials and processing methods used.

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  This infomation was published at:
XII International Celiac Disease Symposium 2006, New York 9.-11.11.2006.

Figure 1
Figure 1.

The Western
Blot analysis of
European and
Finnish beers

Figure 2
Figure 2.
The amount
of gluten in
beers using two different methods

Figure 3
Figure 3. Reduction
of beer gluten with different process methods